NFuzion Professional Zero Frizz Curl Definer 200ml

$15.20 $18.80

Nfuzion Zero Frizz Curl Definer is a medium hold moisturising gel that delivers defined frizz free natural textured curls without blow waving.

Medium Hold Moisturising Gel: Smooths & eliminates frizz & delivers soft, natural feeling curls when blow waved in or left to dry naturally.

Humectant: Controls the moisture balance of the hair.

Ginseng & Rosemary: Enhances shine and helps combat moisture loss and dryness naturally.

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein: To strengthen hair and enhance hair condition and shine.

Panthenol: Directs moisture into hair structure, thickens and gives hair a more improved feel.

How It Is Used: 10-20c amount to towel dried hair and work evenly through the hair & blow wave or leave to air dry.

How Often Is It Used: When needed.

Hair Textures: Curly, frizzy hair textures.

Hair Styles: Use to control curl and create defined natural textured, frizz free curls. Can also be used to create 'beach hair' looks, & boost curl at the life end of a perm.

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