Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo - 500ml

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MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo 500ml

Embark on a vibrant pink adventure with MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo 

Specially formulated for blonde, bleached, and highlighted hair, this unique shampoo invites you to experiment with your look. Achieve a range of pink tones, from a subtle dusty rose to a bold, bright pink, depending on your starting blonde tone and desired intensity.

  • Customizable Pink Tones: Tailor your hair color experience with MUVO’s Ultra Rose formula, adaptable based on starting color, timing, application method, and hair condition.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for maintaining pink vibrancy in permanently dyed hair or adding temporary pink hues in between washes for natural blondes.
  • Hydrating Formula: Not only does it colour, but it also hydrates, preventing fading and reconstructing damaged hair for a healthy, vibrant finish.
  • Usage Tips: Avoid overuse to prevent product build-up and undesirable tones. Not designed for grey or white hair. Alternate with MUVO Totally Naked for regular washes to maintain hair health and color integrity.

Perfect for those who love to switch up their style, MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo is your go-to for a fun, temporary colour change that also cares for your hair’s health.


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I pop this on before I wet my head in the shower and leave it on until very last. Leaves a vibrant pinky purple in my hair and you only need a little bit! Definitely recommend 👌🏽

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