K18 Peptide Prep pH Maintenance Shampoo 250ml


The K18 pH Shampoo is a pH-balanced cleanser specially formulated to restore and maintain the optimal pH level of your hair and scalp. It gently yet effectively cleanses away impurities, excess oil, and product buildup, leaving your hair refreshed and revitalized. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this shampoo helps to hydrate and condition your hair, promoting a healthier and more balanced scalp. It works to strengthen the hair strands, improve manageability, and enhance the natural shine of your locks. Experience the benefits of a pH-balanced shampoo that rejuvenates your hair, giving you soft, smooth, and lustrous tresses.

  • A colour-safe and pH-optimised cleansing shampoo
  • Formulated with K18PEPTIDE™ to strengthen and repair hair 
  • Prevents swelling of hair cuticle to help reduce frizz, preserve colour, and maintain health and shine
  • Certified scalp microbiome-friendly 
  • Gentle enough for daily use 
  • Vegan, cruelty, paraben, silicone, and sulphate-free


  • pH-balanced formula for optimal hair and scalp health.
  • Gently cleanses away impurities and excess oil.
  • Removes product buildup for refreshed hair.
  • Hydrates and conditions for a healthier scalp.
  • Strengthens hair strands and improves manageability.
  • Enhances natural shine for lustrous locks.

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