Edgy Haircare Fiberfi Paste 100gm

$9.95 $18.95

Fiberfi paste weaves your hair fibres to create ragged texture, sculpts and styles to a matt look with a strong pliable hold. Humidity resistant and water soluble. Great corporate styling tool for men.

Soy Bean & Panthenol: Strengthens moisturises and conditions hair.

Texturiser: Use to piece, texturise and style hair and define curl.

Hair Volumiser: Thickens and volumises, and adds fullness to fine or thinning hair.

Humidity Resistant & Water Soluble: Shampoos out easily and style will be maintained in humid weather conditions.

How It Is Used: Apply to damp or dry hair and work through to create the desired effect.

How Often Is It Used: As often as required.

Hair Textures: All but especially fine or thinning hair to create volume.

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