De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo Tricho Dry Scalp Balance 200ml Trio PACK

$56.99 $62.95

The Tricho Scalp Balance series by De Lorenzo has been created to stimulate and promote a healthy circulation to the scalp.

What you get:

200ml Cleanser

200ml Conditioner

125ml Toner

It helps alleviate signs of dandruff, flaking, itching, redness and scaling caused by a dry scalp.


"Until this, nothing had ever worked to clear my dry scabby scalp over the last couple of years. I noticed an improvement after a couple of days of using the 3 step system, and my scalp was back to normal after a week. The toner stung a little on the first couple of applications, but was fine after that. I love that I can apply the toner and blow dry/style my hair as usual without any residue. I’ll definitely be using it ongoing."

Amanda, Central Highlands VIC

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