Jennai Soft n' Silky Block Wax - Coconut 1KG (2 Tray Bundle)

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ennai Soft-n-Silky Hot Block Wax are hard waxes designed specifically for short hair removal and minimize discomfort on delicate skin.  Formulated resin to create a buffer between resin and the skin making this wax gentler and more suitable for use on sensitive skins, and sensitive areas including facial areas.  This hard wax product is FDA-approved and considered safe, and the pastel colours help to identify residue and prevent staining on clothing and towels. Very little residue is left on skin making clean up almost unnecessary. 

Short Hair Formula

This new short hair formula with Titanium Dioxide glides on easily and is removed with less discomfort to the client.  

Less Residue

This is formulated to eliminate residual wax on the skin.  making clean up almost unnecessary.

Double size of competitor products

This block wax is a 1kg bundle consisting of 2 trays (each tray contains 4 x 125g convenient sized blocks)

Made in Australia

This product is made in Australia using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

In formulating the Soft-n-Silky Hot Block range of waxes particular attention was given to short hair removal and minimising discomfort to sensitive areas. With its good low-temperature flexibility this is an ideal “Brazilian” wax.

Filling and topping up the wax pot is also a breeze with the 1kg block being sectioned into 8 smaller segments which easily break apart when needed.

Pastel colours make it easy to see residue on the skin and minimise/eliminate staining to clothes and towels.

Very little residue is left on skin making clean up almost unnecessary. 

  • 1kg block
  • Delightful coconut fragrance
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin
  • Divided into 8 segments, allows for easy refilling of the wax pot.
  • Australian-made and owned.
  • Low residual wax left on skin. 
  • Professional salon use


Place sufficient wax into the Wax Heater/Warming Pot and heat to a comfortable working temperature for use (we recommend approx. 65 degrees Celsius)  It is not necessary for all wax to be melted before commencing work.  Clean area to be waxed with pre-wax cleaner/disinfectant.  Apply wax in a circular motion against the direction of hair growth.  Remove by pulling against the direction of hair growth.  After Waxing application of a post wax treatment is essential to re-hydrate and calm the skin.  This treatment also removes any residual wax.


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