Blondme Premium Developer Oil Formula 20 Vol 6% 900ml


Schwarzkopf BlondMe Premium Developer Oil Formula 20 Vol 6% 900ml

The BLONDME Lightener and Colour range provide the high performance needed to create personalized blonde looks. Premium Care Developer offer up to 9 levels of lift while the ready-to-use toners and white blending shades give endless creative potential for blonde hair.

6% 20 Vol: Conventional Bleaching

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Premium Developer Oil Formula is a luxuriously caring professional developer specially formulated to work in harmony with BlondMe Toning and BlondMe Lightener.

With a high concentration of nourishing mineral oil, BlondMe Developer supports the natural moisture balance of your clients' hair. This rich formula also ensures a reduced water level in the developer which prevents the dilution of color, alkalizers and peroxides. Its caring formula supports hair's natural moisture balance which ensures your new blondes have brilliant shine and a wonderfully soft feel to their hair.

  • 2% (7 volume) — perfect for toning hair that's already been lightened and for gentle bleaching
  • 6% (20 volume) — the strength for conventional bleaching or for toning on naturally light (level 8 or above) blonde hair
  • 9% (30 volume) — ideal for maximum bleaching, white hair blending or lifting naturally light blonde hair
  • 12% (40 volume) — choose this one for lifting or white blending on a natural base at level 6 or 7

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