Eyelash Extension Tips

Three main reasons to treat your extensions with some TLC..
  1. Your lash health improves.

Poorly cared for eyelash extensions can cause natural eyelashes, along with the extension, to fall out quicker. This can lead to an overall thinning of natural lashes, and your natural hairs can take a while to grow back to their full thickness. Caring for the semi-permanent eyelash extensions also means you are caring for your lash health, because the natural hairs won’t be damaged and you can continue to have extension fills that look flawless and voluminous. Taking care of your eyelash extensions also keeps the area around your eyes cleaner, which prevents the possibility of getting an eye infection or another unpleasant occurrence.

  1. They will look better for longer.

The more you follow along with the dos and don’ts of eyelash extensions, the longer they’ll look good. Properly maintained falsies appear stunning, even up to the day of your fill-in, and this is because the wearer has delicately handled them and followed all of the recommendations provided by their qualified lash technician. If you have opted to wear semi-permanent false eyelashes, we’re certain you’ll want them to look better for longer, otherwise what’s the point in spending your time and money on this procedure?

  1. Infill cost and financial/time factors improve.

Because semi-permanent eyelash extensions require a fill every 2-3 weeks, there is already some time and money involved in the upkeep of these eyelash extensions. With proper care and handling of your lashes, you can avoid having to go back to your salon every week, because your extensions will stay put the entire during in between appointments. If you have waited too long for a fill or if you have lost too many eyelashes in between lash sessions, your salon might ask you to pay the same price as for a full set due to the amount of work they’ll need to put into making your eyelashes look fabulous. Not only does paying the usual, lowered fill price save you money, it also saves you a ton of time, because fill appointments normally only take about an hour, while full set appointments can take 2 hours. The time you spend monitoring the way you treat your eyelashes and maintaining them will pay off in the long run, especially if you intend to wear semi-permanent eyelashes indefinitely or long term.



  •  Clean your extensions daily using a mild, oil free cleanser. In addition, use a lash brush to gently remove residual dirt and oils.
  • Avoid excess oils in common makeup products like mascara that can break down lash glue.
  • Avoid excess moisture. This doesn’t mean to alter your regular hygiene routine; however, it does mean to skip the steam facial and opt for a relaxing mud mask.
  • Schedule regular lash refills to maintain the voluminous appearance of the extensions
  • Some lash stylists tell you to not shower or wet your lash extensions for 24 to 48 hours once they are applied.
  • Never rub your lashes when cleaning them. Rubbing your lashes will cause damage and break the bond between the extensions and your natural lashes which will result in shedding.
  • Do not use cotton balls when cleaning your eyes while you are wearing lash extensions. Cotton balls tend to leave behind fuzzy pieces that can cause eye irritation or other issues.
  • Avoid multiple streams of water, like the ones coming from shower jet panels.
  • If you sleep with a mask at night, invest in a contoured version which sits off the eyes and lashes.  Much more comfortable and you won't wake up with 'mask lash' - similar to 'hat hair' but for your lashes!
  • Finally, try to avoid waterproof mascara and eyeliner formulas. They are difficult to remove without rubbing.