NFuzion Professional Scalp Relief Shampoo 375ml

$14.92 $21.95

Shampoo to Cleanse and Care for Dandruff Prone and Dry Flaking Scalps. 

Pyrithione: Impede the dandruff fungus. 

Zinc: Soothes the scalp. 

Nettle: Enhances the healing process of the scalp. 

Peppermint & Linden Flower: Help relieve itching & soothes the scalp. 

Horse Tail and Rosemary: Good hair tonic and will promote a healthy scalp. 

Moisturising Formula: Gently cleanses scalp & hair feels soft & smooth. 

PH: 6 Ph balanced formula that returns hair to maximum strength. 

How It Is Used: Apply to wet hair, massage hair and scalp & then rinse thoroughly. 

How Often Is It Used: When needed. Gentle enough to use daily. 

Hair Types: Dandruff prone, dry, flaky, irritated and itchy scalps. 

Hair Textures: All hair textures. 

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